Advantages of Post Tensioning

EQUAL & OPPOSITE Force is Induced

Increased Moment & Shear Strength

Eco Friendly & Durable Structures

Slender Members Compared to RCC

Can Be done in Remote Areas

Non Congestion of Steel & Faster Construction

Better Deflection & Crack Control

Saves Cost & Time


* Lesser Deshuttering time
* Flexibility in providing service ducts and false ceilings.
* Larger column free space.
* Reduction in Dead load due to Thinner slab which will make cost savings
* Less no of work force engaged for Post tensioning works than RCC slabs
* Reduction in reinforcement quantity.
* Post-tensioning can thus allow a significant reduction in building weight versus a conventional concrete building with the same number of floors reducing the foundation load and can be a major advantage in seismic areas.
* Reduces occurrence of cracks.
* Freezing & thawing durability is higher than non prestressed concrete.
* Post-tensioning is the system of choice for parking structures since it allows a high degree of flexibility in the column layout, span lengths and ramp configurations
* Greater Flexibility for penetrations and openings in floors, both pre and Post Construction.